Why Georgia?

  • Real estate investment in Georgia is considered one of the best areas of investment in the world, as the state makes every effort to attract investors from all countries of the world, by providing a modern administrative government system.
  • Georgia has many advantages to attract foreign investors and strengthen the investment and employment sector
  • Firstly, its strategic location between Europe and Asia and its rich nature with resources. We can clearly see the importance of its geographical location, as its coastline along the Black Sea gives it a leadership position in providing services such as shipping and transportation. Also, Georgia's picturesque nature makes it a tourist destination for many travelers, which makes tourism investment or investment in the tourism sector very profitable.
  • Secondly, the state’s position on investment The Government of Georgia supports foreign investment with all its efforts to provide the facilities, public services and infrastructure necessary to implement the project. Banks also provide many loans with different guarantees and in easy ways for serious investors. . Georgia is ranked fifth according to the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index.
  • Third, lower tax Georgia is considered the third lowest country in the world in terms of taxes. Georgia is looking to attract investors to increase national income and increase the workforce. For example, the value of the real estate tax may reach 0%.
  • Fourth, freedom of ownership The country of Georgia is ranked fifth in the international index among the countries that facilitate the investment process in it. You can also build a company in the country of Georgia in one day, and you can obtain your residency as an investor in the country of Georgia.
  • How to obtain permanent residency in Georgia: The ownership law in Georgia does not pose any difficulties for foreign expatriates or even visitors who wish to own a residential unit and return to the country more than once during the year. You can obtain full residency for you and your family in Georgia through a real estate investment worth $100,000
  • Georgia has become clearly and strikingly attractive to Arab investments. The fields vary between real estate investment and tourism investment. Of course, the state of Georgia is making every effort to attract investors from all countries of the world, by providing a modern administrative government system and its clear attempts to eliminate corruption.