Retaj and Golden Tower

    About Retaj Hotels and Hospitality

    Established in Doha as one of a group of companies in 2004, Retaj Hotels and Hospitality has become a pioneer in the field of hotels and hospitality and is known for providing Arabic hospitality.

    Retaj hotels spread across Qatar, Asia, Europe and Africa continuously contribute to enriching global tourism by operating first-class hotels ranging from budget hotels to five-star hotels.

    Retaj Hotels and Hospitality has a very simple philosophy; To provide its guests, customers and stakeholders with a dynamic, convenient and personalized experience like no other.

    It realizes that what makes a hotel management and hospitality company a leader in its field is the dedication and will to provide state-of-the-art hotel facilities, exceptional hospitality services, innovative experiences, ensuring guest satisfaction and special attention to shareholder rights. Shares.

    This is exactly where Retaj comes into play. This is Retaj's unique selling proposition and what sets it apart from others.

    The success of Retaj Hotels and Hospitality depends on its unique methodology that combines years of world-class experience, competence and professionalism with the uniqueness of authentic Arab hospitality.


    About Golden Tower Group

    It is an international real estate development company headquartered in Doha, Qatar

    Golden Tower Company was established with the aim of working in the field of real estate development and project management within the Middle East and the world. Our projects include residential complexes, tourist resorts, and hotels

    Golden Tower has become a leader in its field and provides the latest services and modern technologies in developing its projects, managing properties, and following up on changing market trends that help us meet our customers’ requests and achieve the best return on their investment.

    Our goal at Golden Tower Company

    The company aims to provide projects that meet the desires and ambitions of its customers and achieve the equation in accuracy of design and quality of work, which is the primary goal to achieve what we seek, which is to satisfy our customers and maintain their confidence now and in the future.

    Retaj Hotels and Hospitality Company signed a contract to manage and operate its first hotel in the state of Georgia in the cities of Sagarigo and Georgeliti. The contract was signed between His Excellency Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Retaj Group of Companies, and Eng. Saeed Mohamed Salah, CEO of the Golden Tower Group, which owns the hotels. The signing was also witnessed by a number of officials from the two companies, including the members of the Board of Directors of the “Retaj Companies” group, and Mr. Medhat Al-Noubi, CEO of “Retaj Hotels and Hospitality.”

    On this occasion, His Excellency Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Retaj Group of Companies, thanked Engineer Saeed Mohamed Salah for trusting the “Retaj” brand to operate and manage four hotels owned by the Golden Tower Group in the state of Georgia, given the reputation of Retaj Hotels and Hospitality. It has a good reputation and strong experience, not only in the local market, but also globally, as Retaj Hotels and Hospitality operates a group of hotels in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Comoros, and soon in North Africa, Sudan, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

    His Excellency Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani said: “The relations between Qatar and Georgia extend for more than 28 years, and Qatar was the first Gulf country to open an embassy in Tbilisi, and the presence of the Retaj Hotels and Hospitality brand in the state of Georgia was a translation of those close relations as it was.” The factors of tourist attraction have a great influence on our orientation towards being there, as the country of Georgia is distinguished by its picturesque nature and its kind and hospitable people, which has made it a global tourist destination in recent years. Its proximity to the Middle East region has also been an important attraction factor for Arab tourists wishing to discover this country rich in natural, archaeological and historical monuments. The country has something to suit everyone: mountains, sea, ancient cities and protected areas.”

    His Excellency added: “Retaj Hotels and Hospitality, God willing, will manage three hotels within the Tamara City project in the Sagarigo area, which is an ambitious project that includes three hotels, villas, residential buildings, sports stadiums, a commercial center, a school, and a health center. The hotels contain 180 hotel units between... Rooms and suites, in addition to restaurants, cafes, event and meeting halls, swimming pools, a spa, a gym, and many recreational facilities. It will also manage a hotel in the city of Georgeliti, consisting of 65 hotel units between rooms and suites, and it is distinguished by its view of the Black Sea beach. It also provides... Many diverse facilities, including a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a café. “

    His Excellency also affirmed: “Retaj Hotels will provide an opportunity for visitors to Georgia to enjoy everything that this distinguished tourist destination has to offer. It will also allow Retaj Hotels and Hospitality, being one of the leading companies in the field of hotel and hospitality inspired by authentic Arab traditions, to its guests; Enjoy the hotel services and exceptional experiences it provides, which will make guests feel like they belong to the distinguished Retaj family. We are confident that the presence of the Retaj Hotels and Hospitality brand will work to attract Gulf and Arab tourism. “

    His Excellency Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani concluded his speech by saying: “Our expansion plans are continuing. We recently signed a contract to manage a resort in the Republic of Bangladesh, and today there are four hotels in the state of Georgia. We are proud, as a 100% Qatari national company with strong and extended experience in hotel management, of what we have achieved during the past period.” We plan to be present in all international tourist destinations soon, God willing.”

    For his part, Eng. Saeed Mohamed Salah, CEO of the Golden Tower Group, said: “On behalf of me and my partners in the Golden Tower Group of Companies and the members of the Board of Directors, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Sheikh Nayef bin Eid Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Retaj Group of Companies, for this generous hospitality and for his support and trust.” Dear in cooperation with the Golden Group, which has branches in Qatar, Egypt, and Georgia, and is in the process of opening its branches in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and England, and its branch in Georgia is a member of the European Georgian Business Council, and we have a group of diverse projects in Georgia, including the Tamara City project on an area of 100,000 square meters, which includes three hotels. And also the Georgeliti Hotel directly overlooking the Black Sea.”

    Engineer Saeed added: “Georgia is one of the promising countries in all fields and is one of the centers of tourist attraction in the world, as it has more than two thousand mineral springs in addition to beaches with magnetic black sand and more than 12 thousand historical and cultural monuments and many tourist resorts.” It is distinguished by its picturesque nature and its distinct climate throughout the year. Georgia is also characterized by religious and therapeutic tourism, as well as natural tourism, which is estimated at more than 9 million tourists annually, and this provides investment opportunities in various forms.”

    He concluded his talk by saying: “Georgia enjoys a high level of security and speed of completing government procedures, including transferring ownership, establishing companies, and issuing a passport within an hour. It also enjoys stability and economic growth due to the stability of its currency against the dollar, and in confirmation and consolidation of the rules of cooperation between the State of Qatar and the State of Georgia, it was agreed to sign this contract.” With Retaj Hotels and Hospitality Company as one of the foundations of this cooperation and the culmination of Golden Tower’s journey of success and achievements.”


    Retaj Grigoleti Hotel

    Luxury and sophistication are the address of our hotel.... The project is located in the charming city of Grigoleti on the shore of the Black Sea. In Grigoleti, you will feel that you are in the home of your dreams and it will be your ideal destination and your best investment throughout the year.

    Retaj Grigoleti Hotel is located in the city of Grigoleti, on the first row of the Black Sea beach. Grigoleti is distinguished by the fact that it is only 43 km from Batumi, and 47 km from the airport.

    Hotel services...

    1. SPA
    2. swimming pool
    3. Fitness Center
    4. GYM Restaurants Cafes
    5. Security and guarding
    6. 24-hour room service
    7. Fi-Wi internet service
    8. Children's play area