Education in Georgia

    Georgia is a unique destination for studying abroad, as university education in Georgia is of high quality and in accordance with European and international educational standards. Education in Georgia also has a smooth and flexible system, which provides students with the ability to study without falling under academic pressure. The education system in Georgia is constantly developing and attracts more foreign students to enroll in universities every year.


    In Georgia, there are more than 60 state-recognized institutions of higher education, with a higher number of accredited private universities than public universities. The Ministry of Education of Georgia divides university institutions into: public universities and teaching universities which include bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes; And colleges that combine only bachelor's studies and higher vocational education programmes.


    University education in Georgia varies between accredited public and private universities. All universities in Georgia are recognized in the Arab countries in particular and in the countries of the world in general. The education system in Georgia, through special university systems, works to provide training courses for students who are not qualified to attend university.



    The most important advantages of education in Georgia

    The opportunity to obtain quality education that complies with the European system

    The opportunity to study in Georgian, English, Russian and German


    How to apply to study in Georgia

    Most universities apply through the Internet and students are accepted through interviews. Only a few universities require an IELTS certificate for admission. To apply to universities, you need some documents as follows:

    1. Order online
    2. application form.
    3. The most important courses you prefer
    4. a copy of the passport
    5. Passport size photo
    6. A copy of your achievements is extracted from the university or school