Tourism in Georgia

    Tourism in Georgia has a different character from all countries because it contains a charming nature and archaeological landmarks that attract tourists from all countries and throughout the year.

    Tourism in Georgia is famous for its charming natural tourist places, such as wells, springs, and beautiful rivers


      Tourism in Georgia achieved significant profits in 2023, and in 2024, the Georgian government plans to allocate 236 million Georgian lari (about 88 million US dollars) from the state budget to develop tourism in the country.


    Georgia is considered a very important destination for tourists from all over the world and includes important and diverse tourist, historical and archaeological attractions such as: Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Vardezia Monastery, Narikala Castle, Rustaveli Street, Boulevard Park located in Batumi, the Lord’s Fortress which was built in the sixth century BC, and Mt. Kazbek, and Lake Ritsa, which is located in the northern side of Georgia.


    Best time to travel to Georgia

    One of the best times to travel to Georgia is spring for Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia when it is neither too cold nor too hot.

    Summer is the best period for hiking in the Caucasus Mountains, and winter is the best period for travel for winter sports enthusiasts, especially those interested in skiing.


    Advantages of traveling to Georgia for the purpose of tourism:

    Georgia is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world
    There are many tourist and historical attractions in Georgia
    Georgia is distinguished by its charming nature and moderate climate throughout the year
    The people of Georgia are characterized by good hospitality and are naturally friendly people
    You can enjoy many activities and services at relatively low costs


    The most prominent tourist places in Georgia and the most important cities


    1. Tourism in Batumi

    The coastal city of Batumi is an important tourist destination for public holidays in Georgia

    The most important tourist attractions in Batumi are:

      - Batumi Botanical Garden.

      - Ali and Nino monument.

      - Batumi Street.


    2. Tourism in Mtskheta

    The city of Mtskheta is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia, as it is its ancient capital on the eastern side

    The most important tourist attractions in Mtskheta are:

      - Svetichoveli Cathedral.

      - Geertvizi Castle.

      - Church of the Cross.


    3. Tourism in Tbilisi

    Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia, so it is the financial, administrative and political center and even the most important tourist destination

      - Narikala Fort.

      - Mtatsminda Park.

      - Holy Trinity Cathedral.


    4. Tourism in Kutaisi


    The city of Kutaisi is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia. It is the oldest city in Georgia and its third largest tourist city.

    Among its most important tourist places are the following:


      - Bagrati Cathedral.

      - Prometheus Cave.

      - Parliament building.